The Little Peddlar

The Little Peddlar
Unframed water color on paper. Figure of a girl in a red bodice carrying a basket with fabric pieces in it. The girl is standing and has short curly brown hair, light brown eyes. The figure wears a straw hat with a dark green lining, a green string is tied under the figures chin. The bodice is red, with sleeves that go down to the elbow, chemise is visible at the collar of the bodice and ties with a gold tie at front. The bodice seems to come down to the hip and another color skirt falls below, possibly green in color. The figure carries a basket over her left arm. The basket has fabric of gold/ yellow, blue, red, blue and white. In the background of the painting on the proper right side are bushes and a house.
Physical dimensions: 
height 19.75 in
width 16.5 in