Red Horse

Red Horse
In these two drawings, the artist, Sitting Bull, documented an unsuccessful horse raid by two fellow Inunaina (Arapaho) men, Eagle Chief and Dog, who are identified by their name glyphs. Young men, anxious to establish themselves, often carried out horse raids together. Here Eagle Chief and Dog flee on Dog’s horse while two Apsaalooke (Crow) warriors fire rifles at them. They ride double because Eagle Chief’s horse was mortally wounded. Blood flows from a gunshot wound in Eagle Chief’s leg. Dog will receive an important coup for saving his compatriot. The death of a war horse marked a significant event in the lives of many warriors because they regarded their mounts as fellow warriors. Sitting Bull’s graphic and powerful drawing of the death of Eagle Chief’s horse speaks to the emotional loss that warriors felt for their war horses. One of two Apsaalooke (Crow) warriors seen in the previous drawing appears ominously in the background of this drawing. (also see T0384)
Physical dimensions: 
height 5.625 in ; width 11.5 in
height 14.75 in ; width 10.25 in ; depth 1 in