Portrait of a Woman

Portrait of a Woman
Portrait of a woman, ca 1810-1815, Pastel, by Micah Williams. Portrait is of an older woman, seated, and of the head and upper body. She wears a brown dress that is loose in the arms and skirt but relatively tight over the bosom, the brown dress come up just over the bosom and a white neck cloth is inserted around the neck and tucked into the dress. She also wears a white gausey day cap that covers most of her hair. There is some hair showing- brown hair. Sitter has blue eyes and a pronounced V shape wrinkle in between eyes. Lips are peach. Her hands are folded in her lap and there is just a small portion of a white and blue chair showing on the proper left of the work. On verso, 1817 NY newspaper; purchased by donor from Peter Tillou, Litchfield CT January 1975;
Physical dimensions: 
length 25.75 in ; height 29.75 in ; width 2.5 in
length 20.75 in ; height 25 in