Otsego Lake looking South from Two Mile Point

Otsego Lake looking South from Two Mile Point
As a resident of Albany, New York, Edward B. Gay often traveled through upstate New York and painted several landscapes of the Cooperstown area. The Cooperstown newspaper, The Freeman's Journal reported that Gay was in the village in 1882 to paint the source of the Susquehanna River. It is likely that these two paintings were completed at that time. In the view of Otsego Lake Looking South, the recently completed Otsego County Courthouse, designed by Archimedes Russell in 1879, is evident. Gay was a professional landscape painter who began working in the detailed Hudson River School tradition and gradually followed the development of the School toward loosely painted subjective impressions in the manner of George Inness (1825-1894). Though he did not receive the recognition that many of his contemporaries did, Gay was an extremely competent painter who created remarkable images of the New York countryside.
Physical dimensions: 
height 20.5 in ; width 30.75 in