This richly polished totem pole was likely a model for a full-sized memorial pole. At the top is a human figure, possibly a chief, in a shamanic trance or deceased, so implied by his closed eyes and the formal position of the hands upon his stomach. His feet rest upon the head of a sea lion-like figure. It may represent the shaman's guardian spirit, via which he travels the unseen worlds. Positioned upside down, another human-like face smiles broadly, possibly representing the spirit of the deceased or entranced. At the bottom, a bear sits upright on its haunches. His human hands hold a most unusual creature against its chest. This figure has the hind legs of a frog, but the head and narrow snout suggests a small rodent such as a shrew.
Physical dimensions: 
depth 3 in ; height 25.25 in ; width 4.375 in