The bulge-sided, bent-corner dish is one of the most remarkable wood technologies that human cultures have developed. A large container such as this one embodies a respectable amount of effort and accumulated experience to complete the task with this degree of perfection. The artist created the sides of this box from a single plank. To form the corners he cut three wedge-shaped grooves (kerfs) on the inner surface, soaked the plank in water, steamed it, bent it into 90-degree angles along the grooves, then lashed the two ends together with a cord. When filled with roasted salmon, cooked roots or mixed fruits and berries for feasting, the bulging sides would appear as a metaphor for the bounty of amassed resources being distributed by the host families.
Physical dimensions: 
height 10.875 in ; length 17 in ; width 15 in
height 27.62 cm ; length 43.18 cm ; width 38.1 cm