Excerpt from the Thaw Catalog: Ball-headed warclubs of this general shape were fairly common throughout the Eastern Woodlands and as far west as the Missouri River. Many of these clubs have the effigy of a longtailed animal carved over the ball, facing the enemy. Sometimes identified as an otter or weasel, this effigy actually represents the dragon-like ruler of the underworld. On many warclubs this figure is reduced to a highly abstract form, often representing only some of its major features. The most peculiar scalloped carving around the ball of this warclub seems to be a unique example of such an abstract reference to the underworld dragon. Most probably this carving represents the spiky ridge along the dragon's back. Scalloped edge carving, though in a more conventional style, was fairly common south of the Great Lakes. (c.f. Penney 1992, p.229; Batkin 1995, p.63; Brasser 1976, fig.35, Feder 1971, fig.128)
Physical dimensions: 
depth 3.5 in ; height 20.5 in ; width 3.5 in