Lucky Fisherman

Lucky Fisherman
The loose style and less detailed brushwork of this painting suggests that it might have been a sketch by Doughty. However, the artist is loyal to his established subject matter, and shows a lone fisherman surrounded by wilderness and seeking recreation and harmony in an unspoiled setting. Painted in Boston while Doughty was still an important figure in American landscape painting, "Lucky Fisherman" shows the looser style he was developing in the 1830s. The size suggests the work is a sketch and this may also explain the lack of detail. Doughty was a keen fisherman, and perhaps to escape the pressures of a partially successful career and the demands of a large family, he spent many days camping in the wilderness, fishing and sketching. Hence many of his paintings include a lone angler. The single figure in the landscape is a common artistic device, but in Doughty's case there may have been a more personal touch to it.
Physical dimensions: 
height 16.25 in ; width 19.25 in