Hudson River Looking Toward the Catskills

Hudson River Looking Toward the Catskills
This painting is rendered on an unusually large scale and shows people fitting into a beautiful and benevolent environment. The graceful forms of the trees seem to offer protection to the participants and lead the eye of the viewer to the picturesque range of the Catskills. The foreground shows highly detailed studies of the local plant life. A friend of both Thomas Cole and James Fenimore Cooper, Asher B. Durand was a leader of the Hudson River School. A successful engraver, portrait and genre painter, Durand and several other artists traveled to Europe in 1840 to develop their skills as landscapists. On his return to the United States, Durand won immediate acceptance as an established talent. This painting is a magnificent example of Durand's landscape style shortly after his return from Europe.
Physical dimensions: 
height 53 in ; width 69.25 in