Horatio Gates Henshaw

Horatio Gates Henshaw
Ruth Henshaw Bascom is an example of an artist whose work progressed from a hobby to a professional career. As a minister's wife, Bascom began drawing as a pastime, but was soon traveling to other areas to draw portraiture on commission. She kept a daily journal in which she recorded making over a thousand portraits for money, services in kind, and as tokens of affection. Bascom rendered all her portraits in life-size profile. In order to create a realistic image, she first outlined a cast shadow of the sitter on her drawing paper. She then colored the picture using pastel crayons. The portrait of her brother, Horatio Gates Henshaw, is one of Bascom's more compelling character studies with the heavy lined brow and strongly contoured nose. A more sensitive likeness, Eliza Jane Fay features a mourning necklace.
Physical dimensions: 
depth 0.75 in ; height 22.75 in ; width 17.75 in