Girl in a Green Dress

Girl in a Green Dress
By altering the positions of the subjects' stiff arms to accommodate different props or activities, Miller produced only slight variations on the flat, frontal pose he preferred in his full-length portraits of children. Miller's faces are rendered in a stylized manner, as eyes are large, eyelashes individually painted and cheeks full. The facial modeling in "Girl in a Green Dress" suggests the artist's ability to render faces more proficiently, perhaps as a result of time and experience. The minimally modeled forearms and the misshapen closed hands with similar D-shaped shaded areas, hallmarks of Miller's artistic style, are identical in each of Miller's likenesses. Active, playful pets enliven many of Miller's works. He painted characteristically colorful, detailed background scenes, including distinctively stylized foliage, vaguely suggested hills, a body of water and stylized structures. Miller's interiors are rendered with solid areas of color defining the walls and floor, and typically include a drapery swag, tassel and a window revealing a brightly colored landscape vista. A variety of props and accessories further embellishes the likenesses, including the basket of flowers, cup, spoon and coral necklace. The meticulously rendered lacework and embroidery of the costumes adds greatly to their visual appeal.
Physical dimensions: 
height 40.875 in ; width 27.125 in