Embroidery Sampler

Embroidery Sampler
Almost square sampler made out of linen with silk thread embroidery. Embroidered all over. Embroidered vine with flowers frames the work, leaves are green and the flowers appear to have once been blue and pink or red. Top row of embroidery is an uppercase alphabet- AB are in red or pink thread, CD are in green. This pattern alternates every two letters until the end. The alphabet ends on row two. Followed by an "&" symbol and a diamond shape. Then there is a line of numbers, quite faded. A line of emboridery of green and red squares separates row two from row three. Row three is a lower case alphabet possibly once red but now a faded brown color. Row three and four are separated by a narrow row of embroidery. Row four has another uppercase alphabet, in more of a cursive script. Each letter alernates red and green thread. The alphabet continues on row five. Row four and five are separated by a diamond pattern register. Row five and six are separated by a row of embroidery that looks like love hearts. In green and red thread. The sixth line is the center of the piece, and features seven trees. Three trees, including the center one look like pine trees the others seem to be some other kind. The trees sit on a register of rectangular embroidery. Row seven looks like five potted plants that are flowering. In this register is some pink thread that seems out of place, it might be a repair or that could be the original color and the rest has faded out. The eigth and final register is at the bottom of the piece and is quite wide. It features four potted plants. Two sets of three pine trees and the vine motif from the frame that comes up and frames the embroiderd description. The inscription reads "_______________________"
Physical dimensions: 
height 15 in
width 16 in