Cooperstown from Three Mile Point

Cooperstown from Three Mile Point
While Cooperstown From Three Mile Point is painted in the manner of the Hudson River School with a detailed foreground and carefully depicted perspective, Mignot chose the bucolic setting of Cooperstown as a subject rather than the traditional wilderness scene. The various buildings of the town are carefully delineated. In the right foreground is a hop field, the cash crop peculiar to Otsego County. The lone figure carrying a fly rod (painted by Gollmann) is traditionally said to be Judge Levi C. Turner, a prominent resident of Cooperstown, and an avid fisherman. Family tradition maintains that Turner commissioned this painting. Louis Remy Mignot was born in Charleston, South Carolina, and was the only southern painter of the Hudson River School. Mignot traveled to Ecuador in 1857 with Frederic Church, and was influenced by Church's elaborate interpretation of nature. Julius Gollman was born in Germany and worked primarily as a portrait painter. After moving to the United States in 1852, he lived in Cincinnati, Ohio, and exhibited at the National Academy of Design. He visited Cooperstown in 1854, 1855, and 1858 and completed several pastel portraits.
Physical dimensions: 
height 35.5 in ; width 46.5 in