Beacon Lights

Beacon Lights
Louisa Keyser is considered to be the most famous Native American basketweaver. She wove Beacon Lights, her greatest work, in a little over a year. Beacon Lights is a type of basket known as a degikup. Keyser invented the degikup, basing its form on northern Californian Pomo basketry. She emphasized the degikup’s form by increasing its overall size and elevating the shoulder, or widest part of the basket. Keyser’s mastery is revealed in the elegant balance of her design as it moves over a constantly changing surface and in the control of her extremely fine weaving, numbering approximately 80,000 stitches in Beacon Lights. She worked in a 30-year patronage relationship with Abe and Amy Cohn, dealers of American Indian basketry and owners of the Emporium Company in Carson City, Nevada.
Physical dimensions: 
height 11.25 in ; width 16 in