Winter Carnival

Winter Carnival
Cooperstown's Winter Carnival is an annual event that residents look forward to with great anticipation. It is a welcome opportunity in mid-winter to experience the local community - parades, food tents, ice skating, snow sculptures, music, and dancing are some of the events and activities. Janet Munro grew up in a rural New Jersey community and spends much time in the Cooperstown area. Since 1984, she and her family have participated in Winter Carnival. "We lived on Lake Street for many years," she recalled. "It happened in our backyard." Munro's fondest memories of the Carnival include eating hot dogs prepared by the volunteer Fire Department and playing golf on the lake with fluorescent golf balls. Many of the activities she depicted here no longer occur during the Carnival because the Lake has not frozen solid for many years. This faithfully rendered likeness of Winter Carnival reflects an integral aspect of Cooperstown's history, the artist's personal experience, and her attempt to commemorate the community spirit found in the local area.
Physical dimensions: 
height 27 in ; width 51.25 in