William Miller (Possibly)

William Miller (Possibly)
William Matthew Prior created William Miller's dramatic presence by the use of heavy shading in Miller's face and stark lighting on the sitter and the background. Miller (1782-1849) was the founder of the Adventist religious movement. He predicted that the Second Coming of Christ and the subsequent end of the world would occur between March 21, 1843 and March 21, 1844. William Matthew Prior was a fanatic follower of Miller. It is likely that Prior witnessed Miller preach in Portland, Maine and Boston, Massachusetts during 1840. Because of Prior's life-long devotion to Miller's teachings, it is highly probable he would have painted Miller's likeness at least once. This portrait, which includes Miller's death date on the cover of the book, matches descriptions and other portraits of the prophet.
Physical dimensions: 
height 31 in ; width 26.25 in