Whig Political Banner

Whig Political Banner
This large Whig campaign banner was probably carried in parades or at political gatherings during the 1840s. It carries a potent political message by juxtaposing a screaming eagle-symbol of an aggressive, vital America-and the tricolor shield of the Great Seal of the United States with images of commerce and industry. In this painting, the Erie Canal is of great importance: not only does it dominate the right side of the banner, but this picture was likely based on a scene painted to celebrate the opening of the Canal in 1825. The banner expresses the Whig belief that the development of coastal and internal transportation and the protection of home industries are vital interests to the growing Republic. Kennedy apprenticed as an ornamental coach painter and received training from a local artist in Troy, New York and was an active participant in the Civil War.
Physical dimensions: 
diameter 66 in