Washington Cake Board

Washington Cake Board
The crisply detailed decoration on this cake board was used to make an imprint in gingerbread dough before it was baked. Boards this size were used in bakeries or in homes of the wealthy where many guests were entertained. Patriotic and political cake boards were popular during the mid and late 19th century. Many images were copied from print sources. The Washington memorial scene was a popular motif in artwork for many years after his death in 1799. This board was made for baker Thomas Asten who worked on Greenwich Street in New York City from 1824 to 1829. The JC in script on the face of the board has been previously attributed to the cake board maker John Conger. However, the style of this board is not like that of boards definitely made by Conger. The large size of the letters suggests a subsequent owner, John or Jameson Cox.
Physical dimensions: 
height 14.75 in ; length 24.25 in ; width 1.5 in