The Artist as a Young Man: Self Portrait

The Artist as a Young Man: Self Portrait
By October 1825, when Prior painted his self-portrait, he was 19 years old and had been in Portland, Maine for about one year. He had become acquainted with ornamental painter Charles Codman (ca. 1800-1842) and the Almery Hamblin family who had been in the decorative painting trades for decades. A convincing likeness, his self-portrait is a well-developed composition, showing a fully rounded figure, subtle shading, and overall highlights. Like many other folk and academic painters, who produced self-portraits to display their abilities, the artist has included a paintbrush and palette. Prior painted at least one other portrait of himself in 1848. In the later portrait, his face is instantly recognizable– albeit older and bearded–when compared to the likeness of 1825.
Physical dimensions: 
height 31.125 in ; width 26.938 in