Sullivans Diner IV

Sullivans Diner IV
Mary Shelley wrote of this work: This piece is the fourth in a series of pictures carved of Sullivan's Diner located in Horseheads, New York. I originally started doing pictures of diners and restaurants because I was fascinated with them as places where people, normally isolated during the rest of their day, could come together just to 'be' and feel a sense of instant belonging. After all, I also found myself (the isolated artist) going to them for the same reasons. Shelley earned a degree in English from Cornell University and later became a social worker. In 1973 she was inspired by the folk carver Mario Sanchez and went on to become one of the few female folk carvers of the 20th century. Shelley has explored topical themes in her art such as cows, dogs, and diners. She is also a professional sign maker.
Physical dimensions: 
height 21 in ; width 27.5 in