Roan Horse with Rider

Roan Horse with Rider
Roan Horse with Rider ca. 1890-1910 By Roan Eagle Oglala Teton Sioux (Lakota) Pine Ridge, South Dakota Ink and watercolor on paper Roan Eagle records another image of a Sioux warrior and his horse that appears to be a part of festive event. The artist seems to be showing the warrior about to engage his horse in a deft battle movement. The maneuver appears to be taking place at a gallop as the rider’s headdress blows out behind him over the horse’s rump. The feather on the horse’s head and the red sash secured at the top of his tail celebrate the horse’s accomplishments on the battlefield.
Physical dimensions: 
height 16.25 in ; 21.5 in ; depth .75 in
height 7.25 in ; width 12.25 in