Peaceable Kingdom

Peaceable Kingdom
The Peaceable Kingdom paintings by Edward Hicks, of which sixty-two are known to exist, are among the most widely recognized icons of American folk art today. Hicks was raised in a Quaker household and became a highly respected Quaker minister, and his Peaceable Kingdoms strongly reflect his religious values and beliefs. This version of Hicks's Peaceable Kingdom includes the block-lettered verse from Isaiah 11:6-9. The leopard with the harmless kid laid down, And not one savage beast was seen to frown, The lion with the fatling on did move, A little child was leading them in love, The wolf did with the lambkin dwell in peace, His grim carnivrous nature there did ceace, When the great PENN his famous treaty made, With indian chiefs beneath the elm- trees shade. Hicks adapted this verse to include a reference to William Penn, whose humane treatment of Native Americans endeared him to generations of Quakers. A vignette of Penn's treaty with the Indians, copied from Benjamin West's famous painting, appears in the background as it does in many of Hicks's Peaceable Kingdoms.
Physical dimensions: 
depth 2.25 in ; height 37.75 in ; width 43.5 in