On the East River, Manhattan, circa 1655

On the East River, Manhattan, circa 1655
On the East River, Manhattan, circa 1655 is an oil on canvas painting by Len Tantillo. The painting is of the East River of Manhattan, featuring a harbour type scene with boats, shore with houses and buildings, all at either sunrise or sunset. The central figures are two ships, one three masted and one schooner found in the river at center ground. The schooner is on the left and is a small sailboat with only one large white sail, sail is furrled. Three figures sit on the schooner, one in white, one in green and one in blue and red with a white hat. To the right is a large three masted ship with several sails at the main and fore mast furrled. The ship has a large dutch flag at its stern, along with a stern light, and a decorative crown of gold on blue ground, also at the stern above the evident rudder. There seem to be now windows evident in the larger ship. Five smaller rowed craft are in the water on the starboard side. The craft closest to the ship is full of large crates and casks. Four men sit/ row the central row boat, this leads a smaller boat, again full of parcels. Two other boats seem to each have one person in it. One man stangs on the deck of the large Dutch ship. The background of the piece is Dutch Manhattan. The proper right side of the canvas has a large red roofed building with a distinctive bell shape roof line on the side. Schooners and other small watercraft are docked in the background.
Physical dimensions: 
height 24 in
length 36 in
height 31 in
length 43 in