Excerpt from the Thaw Catalog: The Panamint-Shoshone, in the area of Death Valley, California, have made beautiful baskets for many years. During the 19th century they were generally yellow-tan with simple geometric designs and a few life figures in black devil's claw splints. The yellow-tan was stitching of willow or sumac, and touches of red were added with Joshua Tree root. The coils were made with three rods, two rods and single grass stem, or a rod wrapped with grass. (c.f. Bernstein 1985, p.73, fig.8) This basket is made with three rods, and the design of the traditional rim ticking is done with devil's claw. The unusual form, called "bottle neck" jar was probably used to hold nuts, "treasures," or even water.
Physical dimensions: 
diameter 8 in ; height 5 in