Excerpt from the Thaw Catalog: The cavities in the bodies of such dolls, here a rectangular shape carved into the stomach, usually contained herbal potions used in curing disease, an indication of their use by Native doctors. Face paint and other decorations on such dolls show how the doctor was supposed to paint and decorate himself in preparation for his performance, a prescription usually derived from dreams. Similar dolls, dressed in elaborate garments, had 'love medicine' placed in their chest cavities. Tied together face to face, a male and female puppet of this type were believed to attract a marriage partner to the dolls' owner. Feder 1971, p.102; Penney and Longfish 1994, p.76; Vincent 1995a, p.17.
Physical dimensions: 
depth 1.5 in ; height 10.75 in ; width 3.75 in