Excerpt from the Thaw Catalog: The upper part of the flat wooden stem is painted black and incised with red-painted decoration. A zigzag line runs from an image of a bird near the mouthpiece along the right side of the stem for about one-third of its length and includes two circles. These two circles may symbolize sun and moon as one was painted red and the other black. Beyond this design the remnants of the beak and scalp of a pileated woodpecker is tied on top of the stem, while mallard feathers are attached with a tuft of red-dyed horsehair. (c.f. Paper 1988, pl.II-14; Hail 1980, figs. 324-325; Thompson 1977, figs.142-144; Ewers,ed. 1979, pl.18)
Physical dimensions: 
height 3.25 in ; length 5.75 in ; width 1.875 in