Excerpt from Thaw Catalog: Self-directed effigy pipes have a long history in the eastern Woodlands, in some regions continuing in the 19th century. Starting about 1750, the Cherokee produced large numbers of a distinctive type of stone-carved pipebowl, decorated with effigies of bears, squirrels and human figures, all of them facing the smoker. (c.f. Maurer 1977, p.79; Witthoft 1949, pl.2; Krickeberg 1954, pl.45-E) These pipes were made of green or grey steatite or of a dark grey shale from local sources, attached to stems carved from willow-wood. Stylistically these Cherokee pipes are more reminiscent of Plains effigy carvings than of any other effigy pipes from the eastern Woodlands.
Physical dimensions: 
height 2.5 in ; length 3.75 in ; width 1 in