Excerpt from the Thaw Catalog: This rare figure is not a kachina doll, but an image of one of the characters depicted by an informal group of men known as "Piptuyakyamu" who appear at dances to present skits and generally act as buffoons. The Piptukas play many different roles in their foolish skits. The figure presented here is "Wutaka" (Old Man), who usually carries a rope or a stick in his role as a disciplinarian. The Piptukas are not sacred clowns, priests, or kachinas, but in portraying people and events with humor, they help to relieve the people's tensions. Carvings of Piptukas are usually barefooted, and painted white with realistic facial features. The arms of this figure are realistically carved and are attached to the shoulders with wire nails. Wardwell 1981, fig. 70; Shango Galleries, Dallas, Texas 1993; Vincent 1995a, p.57; Vincent 1995-1996c, p.35.
Physical dimensions: 
depth 5 in ; height 21.5 in ; width 10.25 in