Tlingit and Haida societies are aligned as two opposite halves, called moieties: Eagle (or Wolf) and Raven, both composed of numerous clan subdivisions that each own the rights to display certain crest-image emblems that refer to their historic relationships with human and animal ancestors. This finely-made mask most likely represents Raven, indicated by the black color and the particular shapes of the upper and lower mandibles. Accompanied by the skilled movements of a talented dancer or performer, mechanical masks are able to convey an extremely lifelike portrayal of real and imaginary beings. The well-handled and polished surface of this early mask underscores its long history of use as a much-treasured family or clan heirloom.
Physical dimensions: 
height 13 in ; length 18.25 in ; width 9 in
height 33.02 cm ; length 46.35 cm ; width 22.86 cm