Though most of the oldest prototypes and the majority of northern sheep horn bowls are symmetrical from end to end, an ingeniously asymmetrical variation on the theme developed at the hands of a few Haida artists in the 19th century. Their technique was an extension of the steaming and bending of the resilient horn that was responsible for the expanded width and sweeping shearlines in the making of these graceful vessels. The magic of the horn is that its cellular or fiber memory is so altered by the boiling and steaming process that it has been able to remain tightly in the new position over the century and more since this bowl was created. The genius of the artist is revealed in the remarkable way that the head, neck, flaring sides and upswept tail end of this totally functional ladle-dish characterizes the alert sitting posture of a small seabird.
Physical dimensions: 
height 4.75 in ; length 8.75 in ; width 6.5 in
length 3 in ; width 1.75 in