Excerpt from the Thaw Catalog: The buffalo hide used for the front and back is left open along the scalloped side edges. From the wearer's perspective, the horizontal stripes are composed of bands of yellow beadwork alternating with brick-red painted bands on the left half and horizontal bands of sky-blue beadwork alternate with bands painted a darker shade of blue all over the shirt's right half. This composition has probably a symbolic quality; it is reminiscent of the battle strips painted on warriors' costumes and tipi covers. Stepped triangles in green, yellow, and black beadwork decorate the ends of the short sleeves and the lower edge of the shirt. The V-shaped neck opening is edged with a bead-wrapped rope and metal cones on short fringe. Fringes of white rabbit fur are sewn onto the shoulders and metal cones on quill-wrapped fringe hang from the shirt's bottom edge and around the ends of the sleeves. (c.f. Feest 1994, fig.133; Royal Ontario Museum HK-586; Dockstader 1961, fig.194; Furst 1982, pls. 160 & 167; Ewing, ed., 1982, fig.174; Brasser 1976, fig.184)
Physical dimensions: 
height 19.5 in ; width 20 in