Native American Basket Seller

Native American Basket Seller
Figure of a woman stands in center of the painting. The woman is native american or first nations. The figure has a round face and chin, and parted dark brown hair just seen under the shawl head covering. Brown eyes, pointed nose, and thin lips, clear complexion. She wears a redish brow, blanket or shawl, that covers her head, shoulders and arms, and drops near the bottom of the skirt. The edge of the shawl is white along the hem. The woman wears a red calico dress with small white figures. The red dress falls a little bit above knee length and then there is a white petticoat with triangular or Vandyke points, followed by a navy blue petticoat or skirt with white trim at the hem. Below this the figure wears red leggings with blue stockings, or they are red and blue stockings. Brown shoes. The figure's left hand comes out of the shawl and the pointer finger is extended and there is evidence of a ring. Similarly, the figure's right ear has an earring. The left hand holds the right side of the shawl, the right hand is extended downward and holds a cluster of ash splint baskets. She holds aprox. 12 baskets a number of them are figured with red and blue decorations. The figure is placed in an outdoor scene. There is a mountain rising behind the figure from proper right to left. In the midground at proper left, there is a lichen covered boulder with scrub pine behind. Propr right midground has a smaller boulder under the baskets with bushes behind. The foreground is plain dirt with some scrub brush in the proper left corner.
Physical dimensions: 
length 8.5 in
width 6.25 in