Joshua Dewey

Joshua Dewey
Ambrotype of Joshua Dewey. The layout of this case is the opposite of most, with the image on the left when opened. Dewey faces left, in a formal suit of a dark color. The brass surround has a diamond pattern stamped into it; the papers block the velvet design. Handwritten in the case on paper: Pink paper: Joshua Dewey at 92 years of age. (Died aged 97.) White paper: B. Lebanon Conn. 1767. D. Watertown 1864. Yale Graduate 1787. Coopers Twin(?) 1791. School Teacher. Newspaper clipping: -Joshua Dewey, the oldest graduate of Yale College, died at Watertown, N.Y., on the 24th ultimo, aged 97 years. He taught J. Fennimore[sic] Cooper the alphabet. He graduated in 1787.
Physical dimensions: 
height 4.75 in ; width 3.75 in ; depth 0.75 in
height 4.75 in ; width 7.75 in ; depth 0.5 in