Girl in Yellow Dress with Doll

Girl in Yellow Dress with Doll
For most of his 95 years, the artist Erastus Salisbury Field lived in and around western Massachusetts, venturing no farther than 200 miles from home to earn a living painting portraits. As a youth, Field first showed an interest in art when he began sketching likenesses of relatives. As a young man, Field traveled to New York City where he briefly studied with the artist and inventor Samuel F.B. Morse (1791-1872). In this delightful likeness, Field lingered over costume details and decorative accessories with the attention he reserved for youthful sitters. Rendered in full-length, this subject fills the canvas as she holds out a pretty doll in her left hand and stands on a boldly patterned carpet painted in colors of gold, red, blue, and burnt sienna.
Physical dimensions: 
height 44.75 in ; width 26.75 in