Dance Skirt

Dance Skirt
Excerpt from Thaw Catalog: Special skirts of soft buckskin were worn by the Hupa, Yurok and Karuk girls and women of the Klamath River for ceremonial occasions. They were greatly prized by the families that had them and were regarded as heirlooms. (c.f. Goddard 1903, pl.5; Gould 1978 p.134; Feder 1965, fig. 119) The soft skin is decorated with long, thin fringes on the lower edge, and the top, which is folded over at the waist, is edged with fringe with groups wrapped with splints of bear grass and black maidenhair fern stems. Large triangles of abalone shell hang from the fringe and also from the lower strip of fringe, which is strung also with large cobalt trade beads. The skirt hangs at the back and is drawn around to the front, with an apron underneath, covering the front opening. Vincent 1995a, p.62.
Physical dimensions: 
height 34 in ; width 35 in
height 33 in ; width 39 in ; depth 5 in ; depth 1 3/4 in