Charles C. Henry

Charles C. Henry
Charles C. Henry was a leading hoseman for the Howard No. 7 Volunteer Fire Company in Charlestown, Massachusetts. When he was not on duty, he made his living as a restaurateur. In January of 1851, Henry gave a large donation to the Fire Company and was later asked to sit for a portrait. The portrait, presented to Henry on June 9, 1851 at a fireman's ball held in Mechanics Hall, hung in the Hall commemorating the anniversary of the Howard Engine Company. Sturtevant J. Hamblin was the brother-in-law of the well-known folk portrait painter William Matthew Prior (1806-1873) and worked in a similar style. Hamblin lived with the Priors while plying his trade in Boston between 1841 and 1856.
Physical dimensions: 
depth 2 in ; height 39.25 in ; width 32.25 in