Bird with Basket of Berries

Bird with Basket of Berries
Framed painting on silk, ca. 1815. Basket with various fruits including peach yellow cherries, a green pear, there are also light orange berries in two places, and two sprigs of blue colored berries. A bird perches on the handle of the basket. The bird is blue and quite large, it has a large arched beak that picks at one of the blue colored berries. The bird has a long feathered blue and white tail. Paper label inset on front right side, handwritten reads: "Satin painted by Ann M. Treadwell (Redfield) about 1815, at Plattsburgh."
Physical dimensions: 
height 16.125 in ; length 18.125 in ; depth 0.50 in
height 15 in ; length 17 in