Ann McElroy Mourning Picture

Ann McElroy Mourning Picture
Silk mourning picture created for Ann McElroy who died June 2, 1812. Thought to have been made by her daughter Elizabeth Benjamin. The piece has mostly silk threads, some silk velvet threads, one cluster of beads and paint. In the picture there is a tree in the foreground at the proper right of the picture. The tree is a mix of those silk and velvet threads. Behind the tree on the proper right side, in the middle to back ground is a church. The church shows one long side with three arched windows, and the short side with the arched door, circular window and tower. On the tower is a clock. The clock is numbered-though the silk is faint and the hands of the clock point to around 1:25. In the foreground near the tree are two arched headstones that are plain, there are also two in the background near the church. There is a hill in the background with a line of trees atop it. At the center of the picture is a woman with long curly brown hair, her face and hair are painted onto the silk. She wears a black dress of the 1810s that is fitted to the body with not much volume to the skirt. She has short poofed sleeves. In the figures right hand she holds a white handkerchief. On the figures left is a large monument or grave marker. The grave marker has a large urn at the top which sits upon a stepped pyramid. Below this, there is an inscription to the deceased printed onto silk fabric. Arching over this monument is a willow tree again, in velvet and silk thread. The over all color of the piece are muted tones of greens, blues, browns and black. The sky is a blue piece of silk that fades to a tan brown color as it nears the central figure. The silk is in a frame with a back painted boarder of gold and black on the glass. The frame around the piece is large, gold and ornate in the corners.
Physical dimensions: 
length 37.5 in ; height 29.5 in ; depth 3 in
length 29.5 in ; height 21.5 in