Andrew Jackson Pierce

Andrew Jackson Pierce
The work is of a boy or young man seated. It is a portrait, and the figure is seen seated, and from the waist up. The figure is a young white male, with brown hair combed from proper left to right. He has a some what sallow complextion with rosey cheeks. The figure has brown eyes, a wide nose and pink lips. His bottom lip sticks out somewhat. The figure has his hands clasped in front of him on his lap. His fingers are very round. No jewlery is worn. The figure wears a dark suit, waistcoat or best, and shirt with a narrow black neck tie. The suit coat is dark and long sleeved, sleeves are tight to the arm, especially at the cuff. On the proper right side is a row of four buttons, the coat was probably double breasted. Wide lapels on the coat. The waistcoat or vest is a gray color with three buttons. The best only buttons mid way up the chest and has a narrow shawl lapels. Possibly a silk vest. The white shirt underneath the vest comes with a very wide attached collar that spreads out over the shoulder of the coat. The collar of the shirt seems to have some sort of large checked pattern to it. A narrow black neck tie finishes the ensamble. At the figures left in the background are two books. One with a red cover and the pages showing is lying on its side. The other is a darker red and has its spine showing. The rest of the back ground of the painting is obscured and dark.
Physical dimensions: 
height 27 in
width 22 in